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David Bash’s Top Picks of 2004 Continued

We continue checking out David Bash of International Pop Overthrow fame’s top 125 picks of 2004 with today’s installment of numbers 50-74:

50. The Pillbugs-Happy Birthday (Proverus)

51. Daniel Saturn-Still That Same Refrain (Vladivostock)

52. Doug Powell-Day For Night (Parasol)

53. A.C. Newman-The Slow Wonder (Matador)

54. The Maharajas-Unrelated Statements (Self-Released)

55. The Ringles-Take A Ride (Jam)

56. Epic-Sunshine State (Revolver)

57. Lazy Susan-Never Better (Self-Released)

58. Fooling April-Every Good Boy Does Fine (Kool Kat)

59. Red Planet-We Know How It Goes (Gearhead)

60. Bowman-Living To Breathe (Self-Released)

61. Junebug-Second (Planet 8)

62. Bill Lloyd-Back To Even (New Boss Sounds)

63. The Breetles-Don’t Smile (Shuss/No Fault)

64. Sensory Lullaby-A Legend In Our Spare Time (Self-Released)

65. The Swift-Today (Flicker)

66. The Zinedines-Take Me Take Me (Rainbow Quartz)

67. Bang Sugar Bang-Thwak Thwak Go Crazy!! (War Room)

68. Stratocruiser-Suburban Contemporary (Zip)

69. Barry Holdship-Ruff Trax (Bad Axe)

70. Junebug-First (Planet 8)

71. The Breakup Society-James At 35 (Get Hip)

72. Rusty Anderson-Undressing Underwater (Oxide)

73. John Hoskinson-Miscellaneous Heathen (Kaopeoths)

74. Stephen Lawrenson-Every Summer (Paisley Pop)