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Deconstructing the music industry beast. Don Henley on what’s wrong with the music industry.

Don Henley recently penned an opinion piece called Killing the Music in the Washington Post (registration required) that is making the rounds and you should read it because he intelligently puts the argument forward that corporate control of the music biz is killing the “industry.” Very well said keeping in mind that he is a multi-millionaire rock star who some may consider to be part of the reason why things are the way they now are but read it and decide for yourself. Oh, and if you are too young to know who Don Henley is, The Ataris covered one of his tunes.
UPDATE: This article has certainly generated a lot of debate and these two letters to the editor make some good points.

One reply on “Deconstructing the music industry beast. Don Henley on what’s wrong with the music industry.”

Unlike most artists who are filled with empty rhetoric, Don is one of the few musicians who has brought change to the industry. He works with politicians to bring change to the industry on behalf of both successful and struggling artists. Russell Simmons sells clothes and holds a lot of press conferences, but ultimately doesn’t bring much change to the industry. Don has testified before the California state senate and works causes in a very organized, effective manner.

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