Designer Punk returns

Evening people!

I’m very excited to announce the return of British website Designer Punk!

In the two years since the site was first launched, Designer Punk, recieved over 170,000 hits from over 100,000 visitors, however the site was temporarily dismantled towards the end of last year.

However it’s now back and is desperately in need of talented writers and photographers. So if you have any album, single, concert reviews and/or interviews whizz ’em off the site’s editor, Paul Whitlam now!

I have to big up this website as it was the first place where I had any of my writing published and I really want the site to be as big as it possibly can.


Ashley King


  1. Hi there! I am headed over to the HellDone Festival over in Helsinki, Finland. Its the first festival and I was wondering if you would like anyone, like myself, to cover it for you? My friend Gina was in touch with a Mark Gruder (I believe) about covering the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans. Well, since the disaster, I dont think there will be any coverage. So if you would like anyone to cover the 3 day festival, we are your girls! The line up so far is: HIM, 69 Eyes, Negative, Bloodpit, Charon, Sunride and Deep Insight. Though there might be a few more bands added to the line up, those are the ones that will be playing for sure. It is being held at the Tavastia Club in the heart of Helsinki. I have the information for the hall manager if you are interested! So, if you need some people who can cover the Festival, take pictures and interviews let me know! Might as well, since we’re over there!


    Heather Pedersen

  2. Hey Paul! I was trying to email you, but it says that your email doesnt work anymore. If this is the wrong email, let me know! I would really like to get in contact with you! Or, Mark, if you have an email address that I can send the info to, let me know! Thanks!!

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