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Discovering New Music with CD Baby

Babyhead_250_white As I was updating mucking about the CD Baby site looking for some cool new stuff to post to The Rock and Roll Report, I realized that some people may think that CD Baby is merely an online record store and nothing more but they would be quite mistaken. The cool thing about CD Baby is it presents to you a myriad of ways to discover new music and to listen to it before you buy. You can use their extensive search function and search for music by the usual “artist Name” and “Album Title” but they also have a great “Sounds Like” feature that works just like you think it would. They also have a great browse function that allows you to browse for music “New Arrivals,” “Top Sellers” and the very cool flavor feature that you just have to try for yourself! If you click on the artists featured weekly on this site CD Baby allows you to hear full versions of the songs in two types of quality plus has links to the band’s website plus links to other artists in that same style to help you discover even more new stuff. It really is an amazing site and if you haven’t been there or haven’t been there in awhile you should check it out since it really is a great treasure trove of some cool rock and roll.