Do not be alarmed!

Do not be alarmed at the lack of posts these last couple of days! They are primarily a result of:

1. It’s summer and I am spending less time writing about rock and roll and more time listening to it,
2. I am starting to work on my planned upgrade to new fancy, schmancy software and a web-design overhaul and this takes a big chunk of the little time that I have right now,
3. I am taking a bit of a breather from posting a minimum of 5 posts a day, 5 days a week.

Do not fear though as I still will be featuring some cool record labels, bands and radio shows over the summer months (following my summer schedule) and things will be back to normal (?) in September as I go back to the regular posting schedule. If you are interested in contributing to The Rock and Roll Report summer is definitely the time to do so. Let me know if you are interested and I will find a place for you.
Have a great and safe summer everybody. Enjoy the music and keep checking The Rock and Roll Report when you pop in the house for a refill and thanks as always for reading.