Do you think you’re another Scorcese or Coppola?

I was just watching The Last Waltz last night and I finally noticed what a good film it is. This might sound weird to say but I think most people are so focused on the musical part of it that they often neglect to notice the visual parts of the film that highlight the music so well. A well made rock ‘n’ roll movie like The Last Waltz, Gimme Shelter or A Hard Days Night compliment the music instead of distracting away from it. Always envisioned yourself as the next Pennebaker, Maysles or Wadleigh? Then you better start rolling that film. Don’t have much money and wondering where to start? Try checking out the 30 Dollar Film School. I was planning on picking this up for my father for Christmas (but didn’t so I will get it for him for his birthday so ssshhhh!) and I must say it looks quite impressive. Like the DIY movement in home recording, making indie films these days with the technology available is not only possible but the results have moved from the grainy, 16mm look of the past to full bore, professional digital caliber quality. From pre-production, principal photography to editing and post-production, The 30 Dollar Film School helps you make the most out of low cost technology to make an amazingly professional looking film. Of course, if your idea sucks there is nothing this book can do to help but if you have a rock and roll story that just must be told then this book might just be the ticket to help you get it on the big screen. You never know. You might become the next Martin Debergi. The author Michael Dean also wrote a similar book for musicians called the 30 Dollar Music School. This one looks good as well as it covers making and promoting your music with little money. Very cool resources to have.
You can buy both through The Rock and Roll Report:
$30 Film School
$30 Music School
Quiet on the set! Roll tape! Action!