Don’t touch it. Don’t even look at it.

Of course that was the legendary Nigel Tufnel admonishing director Martin DiBergi to not even think about getting near his priceless Gibson Les Paul in the rockumentary “The is Spinal Tap” but has technology passed the guitar by? Two interesting articles I recently came across show that there are some pretty cool things being cooked up for the mighty six string. The first is an article called The Guitar’s Technological Crossroads and is about Gibson’s attempt at a radical new interface that would allow you to digitally plug in your guitar to up to six different amps and a whole host of new effects. The second is a post from Slashdot discussing the Transperformance Performer automatic guitar tuning system. All very cool stuff but my only question is this: Will all these new items work on my ultra-cool, vintage air guitar?