Downhill Battle Update: Is iTunes Fair to Artists?

Is iTunes fair to artists? No according to Downhill Battle who feel that iTunes is in fact ripping off artists according to Victory! Apple gives in. Slightly. I think I better apply my lawyerly thinking cap to some of these claims and see what’s up. Comments greatly encouraged on this as I am eagerly awaiting iTunes to come to Canada and think that it is a Good Thing. I think.


  1. How fair is fair? What is fair? Before criticism of iTunes, Downhill Battle and other industry haters need to clearly outline what they consider to be fair compensation for artists. I have never seen hard figures in any blog or any article. Can somebody put a dollar value on fairness? It will lend a great deal of weight to your arguments.

    In doing so, they need to keep in mind licensing, ticket sales and merchandise sales. Artists have many streams of revenues. My impression is that critics who so narrowly focus on royalties from song/CD sales think this is an artist’s sole (or primary) form of income.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. “Fair” is almost as loaded a term as “good” as in that band is “good.” I think I would have an easier time accepting arguments like this if they were backed by actual working musicians (and not the top .1% mega-superstars) than either tech obsessed geeks, record label accountants or “industry connected” lawyers and the like. Let’s hear from actual working indie musicians as opposed to all these people speaking out for them. Maybe then the typical music fan might understand the big picture as opposed to screaming that “record labels suck” because that’s what they read in the chat rooms. Just a thought.

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