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Drastic Plastic Program 3 Amigos Spectacular Playlist on CKUT FM for February 26, 2007

Img_0116_1 Well last night’s Drastic Plastic Program on CKUT FM was another 3 Amigos extravaganza with myself, Doug Ford and Armitage Shanks holding court on all things rock and roll. It was fun because we all brought something different yet complimentary to the Drastic Plastic Program table and I think that is why the Drastic Plastic Program is so much fun to do and hopefully listen to.

I took a look at Gothenburg, Sweden based label Crusher Records, a very cool psychedelic garage rock record label that releases all their stuff on gorgeous 7” vinyl. Armitage Shanks brought in some great up and coming indie gems from England including an exclusive listen to a demo from The Brent Flood which I thought was cool. And Doug hopped into the time machine with a snapshot profile feature on The Prisoners with a tale of how bad luck and corporate mishandling cut down one of the Medway Delta’s finest underground mod/garage rock bands of all time.

The podcast of the show is available for download for the next week (,22:00). After that you can always listen to the show at the CKUT archives on streaming audio. Here is last night’s playlist (Band – Album – Song):

  • the Marahajas – 7" – "Weekend Sparks"
  • the Mainliners – 7" – "Daughter of Dimes"
  • The Sacred Sailors – 7" – "You my Friend"
  • Mastica – 7" – "Scemo Chi Spara"
  • The Bromheads Jacket – Dits from the Comuter Belt – "What ifs and Maybes"
  • The Bromheads Jackets – Dits from the Comuter Belt – " Rosey Lee "
  • The Playing Fields – Hello New World – "Glass & Concrete "
  • The Brent Flood – Demo – " Heavy Petting"
  • The Prisoners – A Taste of Pink – "Better in Black "
  • The Prisoners – A Taste of Pink – "Coming Home"
  • The Prisoners – 7" – "There’s a Time "
  • The Prisoners – Last of the Fourfathers – "Whenever I’m Gone"
  • The Prisoners – Hurricane .. The Best of – "Pop Star Party"