DVD Review: Red Wanting Blue “These Magnificent Miles”

Riding the wave of finally being signed to a record label after being independent for nearly fifteen years, the Columbus, OH band Red Wanting Blue is still making a name for itself as the rest of the world has only just recently discovered the band when Fanatic Records re-released their These Magnificent Miles album in July of 2010. Now, Red Wanting Blue is adding to their public profile as the band has just released the new documentary movie called These Magnificent Miles: On The Long Road With Red Wanting Blue.

These Magnificent Miles: On The Long Road With Red Wanting Blue takes the viewer on a trip through the day-to-day lives of the members of the band. You see the band as they make their way from one gig to the next; you see the group as they get set up for the next performance; you see the members of the group as they show you what they do when not on stage; the new movie from Red Wanting Blue even introduces the viewer to the families of several of the members, as you hear opinions of their families about the band finally making it in the music business and being able to go out on the road and share their music with the rest of the country.

Some of the best footage on the DVD includes two specific instances: One instance includes members of the band as they head out into Columbus to paper their hometown with posters. The scenes show that the band really wants to have as many of their most loyal fans show up for their hometown show.

The other instance that really shows the band in a real human moment is when the band receives their first shipment of their newest release of These Magnificent Miles. You can truly see the excitement of seeing their hard work pay off as they hold the new release in their hands for the first time.

As this is a documentary about a rock band, the new movie about Red Wanting Blue features plenty of music from the group. During the movie, you get to hear songs like “Gravity,” “You Are My Las Vegas,” “Where You Wanna Go,” and more. Scenes of the band members accompany each song as they take care of business or as they perform in concert. The concert footage is great, as you really get to the see the band as they interact with each other and the audience members who are there to see the band perform. “You Are My Las Vegas” also comes with scenes of the band with producer Jamie Candiloro in the recording studio.

To add to the value of owning the DVD, the disc comes with a few extras. The extras include the videos of the songs “Where You Wanna Go,” and “Venus 55”. The two songs are a kind of collection of sorts, as they show the band at two different stages in the history of the band: “Where You Wanna Go” is a song that comes from the band’s most recent release of These Magnificent Miles, while “Venus 55” is a track from the band’s 2000 release Model Citizen.

These Magnificent Miles: On The Long Road With Red Wanting Blue is the perfect way to discover the band that many people around the Ohio area have known about for more than a decade. If you have never heard of Red Wanting Blue, or if you have only recently found out about this talented group, this movie is the best way to acquaint yourself with this rock band. 

To find out more about These Magnificent Miles: On The Long Road With Red Wanting Blue, check out the website created especially for the movie: www.RedWantingBlueMovie.com. For the band itself, check out www.redwantingblue.com.