Live Rock and Roll


I was just reading in the current issue of Rolling Stone (Caution: Tangent ahead. Gasp! Yes I have picked up the last 3 issues in a row! Yes I realize that I have ripped the mag in the past but I was sucked in by the Robert Kennedy article in one issue and the Pearl Jam and Johnny Depp covers on the others. I am still not a big fan of the mag by any means but it is handy to have at the beach.) that the price of gas is casuing a real problem for major tours this summer and even a bigger problem for smaller indie bands trying to tour and make a name for themselves without completely blowing the budget on gas bills. It is something that I never really thought about but you have to haul that trailer full of amps and drums with something.

Anyhow, Aversion has a post about how the Warped tour is using bio-diesel on their busses which has reduced their emissions by 16 percent. They are also using compostable disposable cutlery and reusable plates and cups.  A pretty impressive statement that would make any tree hugger proud!