Egypt was troubled by the horrible asp

Egypt has an incredible history. From the Grateful Dead playing live at the Pyramids to the groundbreaking concert by The Police in 1980, Egypt has….What? King Tuten-who? Alright I’m pulling your leg. The history of Ancient Egypt continues to fascinate us even today. You don’t have to be Jimmy Page to be drawn into it’s interesting and incredibly exotic past and what kid or adult can claim to be not just a little fascinated by mummies and in awe of the great pyramids? Sadly for a lot of us, visiting Egypt to experience the splendors of what remains of a once great ancient civilization is out of reach and budget cuts at the local museum hasn’t helped matters much but there is a way that you can experience all that was ancient Egypt today from the comfort of your very own home. Grab a coffee, dim the lights and check out the incredible Eternal Egypt website and bring the majesty of ancient Egypt home for the weekend ( I should write copy for these guys!). Very cool stuff and a million miles away from the frenzy of rock and roll but hey, that’s what Friday Fun is all about. Have a great weekend everybody.