Live Rock and Roll

Euro-Festival Fever

When spring turns to summer it gets depressing reading British rock mags. You flip to the back pages of Uncut, Q or Mojo and all you see are the lineups for an incredible variety of festivals that I would give anything to see (well except for money since I don’t have any but I digress). And it’s not just Britain. France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland for heaven’s sake all have really cool rock festivals in really cool towns and villages. Glastonbury, The Move Festival, Guilfest, Reading and Canterbury Faire feature hundreds of cool artists and (more or less) a great atmosphere. Granted an open air festival is not the best place to experience rock and roll, but these European festivals are a great chance to catch a real diverse set of acts with the added funkiness of festival “villages” and all the side attractions they provide. Combine this with the opportunity of experiencing another culture and the whole thought becomes quite appealing to any rock and roll fan with cash to burn (or willing to take the cheap Air Courier route ). While North America has had and continues to have some great festivals, the diversity and regularity of European festivals is really impressive. Hoping from festival to festival across Europe. Now that’s the way to spend your summer vacation. They even brought back the Isle of Wight festival!