Fear and loathing at the shopping mall

Do not get sick two weeks before Christmas! Do whatever you have to do: flu shots, ancient Chinese rituals, Voodoo, whatever just don’t get a cold/flu. The list of what my wife and I haven’t been able to do since both of us got sick (at the same time!) is quite staggering: Christmas shopping, big grocery order, putting up the outside Christmas decorations and the list goes on! Toss in 2 snow storms and car troubles, mix in our 8 year old’s hockey tournament and you have a recipe for high panic and low posting! Anyhow, we’re better now, my son’s hockey team is on a roll (he was game MVP last night!) and the next few days at the mall will be hell but all will be forgotten come Christmas day (with whatever else I wonder). So the postings to The Rock and Roll Report will be sporadic at best as we lurch from mall to mall but do not despair, rock and roll is still there to save your soul, or at least keep you busy until you can be with family and friends which is the whole point behind this rushing about and far more important in my opinion. Take care.