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CD Review: Forever Storm “Soul Revolution”

Serbian heavy metal band Forever Storm is recording their latest album.  The working title, Tragedy, is set for release at the end of the year.  With the newest single, “Paradox,” another larger than life song has graced Forever Storm’s repertoire.  “Paradox” is technically driven with faster guitars and pulsing rhythms.  The sound reflects the band’s inspiration – classic heavy metal resounds.  Forever Storm will not disappoint.

Like the last album, epic themes reside.  The world is destroying itself with pollution and corruption.  Paradox is the life we breathe that is killing itself.

Soul Revolution is Forever Storm’s first album release.  Themes rally against oppression and alienation on national and personal levels.  Forever Storm will astound with more releases, studio time and live shows.

Anthems begin the album and the context is fierce.  “Gunslinger” is based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The album follows with “It Rains,” “Battle Cry” and “Soul Revolution.”  I understand why metal fans in Serbia love this band so much.  Each song is as powerful as the first with musicality that is reminiscent of Iron Maiden and Megadeth.  You will hear the influence of their forefathers.

Dissension from the norm is “Outcast” and “Who I Am.”  Metal fans are dissidents of society with an unequivocal expression of exclusion.  The songs are a call of alliance; a unity for all.  Forever Storm will “fight for you.”

This band is destined for great things.  They played Wacken, Germany’s metal festival and performed live, weekly, for a music competition on OBN TV Sarajevo.  Watch for them to break through globally.

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