Forming Bands – The Rock and Roll Classifieds

"Ramones-Journey cover band looking for a drummer. Must have big hair."

"Chick bassist needed. Must have own go go boots."

"Singer-songwriter looking for backing musicians to form an all-Barry Mannilow review. Must have equipment."

Remember the days when your only realistic options to find a band to join was to pour through the local classifieds looking for something hopefully not too lame? When that didn’t work out you ended up trooping out to the local music store to scan their bulletin boards looking desperately for some like-minded musicians who were into your particular brand of Sabbath and reggae fueled funk and roll. Luckily the Internet has made the chances of you connecting with similar musicians that much easier and you should certainly check out Forming Bands before you go any further.

Forming Bands was originally started by gigging musicians in the UK as a way to find other musicians and it has since expanded to North America where over 4000 bands and musicians are actively using the site and 200 new ones are signed up every week. The nice thing about Forming Bands is that the listings are kept fresh because they automatically remove entries from users that they haven’t heard from in 3 months so that all postings are current.

So whether you are a band looking for a new member or a musician looking for a band in either the UK or North America, Forming Bands is an excellent resource to check out. Basic registration is free and they are planning on producing a podcast in the near future so at the very least this will be a potentially great source for new music.