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Franz Ferdinand, the Death of Punk and the Future of Rock

John Harris of the Guardian has written an interesting piece called The Slow Death of Punk in which he bemoans the fate of rock and roll:
“So, our beloved rock may well have drawn to a halt at the same point at which modern jazz arrived in the late 1960s: hamstrung by an exhausted vocabulary, largely cut off from the everyday, and content to chase its own tail.”
Perhaps he is only just listening to what’s on the charts and not to some of the actual rock and roll that is currently out there. Click on the “Artists & Bands”category to the left to see (and hear) that, yes indeed there are still some bands out there with attitude and hooks! And since when did rock and roll ever have a “vocabulary” to exhaust? Three chords has pretty much always been what it’s all about, it’s just how you mix things up that counts.