Friday Fun! Let’s Go Out To The Lobby, Let’s Go Out To The Lobby, Let’s Go Out To The Lobby and Get Ourselves A Treat!

In honour of the weekend, check out Drive-Ins for a really cool site dedicated to the sadly disappearing phenomena of the local Drive In. I love going to see movies at the local googleplex but there is just something very rock and roll about seeing a movie at a drive in that you cannot deny. Cool but sad. Have a great Halloween and weekend everybody!

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  1. Nice link. On a whim, and looking for something to do one weekend, my wife and I discovered a drive-in in Oakville (45 min or so outside of Toronto) a few yrs ago, and have never looked back. We’ve since made it a point to go at least 2 or 3 times every summer (now, with our puppy in tow, it’s like a big deal family outing–a picnic on wheels). And though I’m normally the sort of person that likes to watch movies in the dark and in complete silence, we’ve had some great movie experiences there. Not to mention that it feels like an anachronism paying $10 to see two brand new flicks (three, actually, but we’ve never been able to sit through a third).

    Here’s where we go:

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