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  1. I think it’s ridiculous that The Band only has one song (the weight) nominated. The only other Canadian musician that is their league of influence upon the world of rock is Neil Young. Rolling Stone gave them two songs in the 500 greatest songs ever. Only Neil Young had more as a Canadian. They should have at least 4 songs nominated. And don’t think that I’m just some elderly geezer griping about how only my music should be able to be on the list. I’m 16 and can easily say that The Band, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell,and Gordon Lightfoot are FAR more talented than Sam Roberts of K-OS. I mean C’mon, Robbie Robertson was 77 on the greatest guitarists ever (Rolling stone again) and The Band was one of Rolling Stones 50 immortals, along with Neil Young. They should have many more nominations. This isn’t biased, The Band is simply more talented and respected than Rush or Trooper, and as Canadians we should be honoring our greatest musicians, such as the Band, especially when the Americans who write Rolling Stone can do it.

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