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Friday Fun: Ugliest People in Rock, Nerdiest Real Names, Best Bitchslaps and Stage Falls

Well it’s Friday so how about starting our weekend with a some laughs and some ammunition for drunken debates Saturday night.

Gigwise have put together a hilarious The 20 Ugliest People in Rock that is just hysterical. That picture of Courtney Love alternately made me piss my pants and cringe in fear!

If that didn’t do it for you check out the Shoutmouth list of the 40 Nerdiest Real Names of Famous Musicians. Who names their kid Jiles and Slowhand is really the Clap? Who knew? The comments alone are priceless.

Shoutmouth is a treasure trove for lists like these. Check out their 20 Greatest Lyrical Bitchslaps for some interesting reading and subscribe to their newsletter, it’s well worth it.

Finally, the day wouldn’t be complete without Shoutmouth’s 10 Most Embarrassing Stage Falls. Yikes!

I hope you’re smiling now!