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Gabba Gabba Hey The Musical!

Ramones The forefathers of punk rock, The Ramones, are to get their own musical.

According to an interview, in last week’s issue of Kerrang magazine, Tommy Ramone, the only surviving member of the original line-up, said the musical, which is to be called “Gabba Gabba Hey” is to start in Perth, Australia and should be in the UK (and no doubt the US) later this year.

Not too sure how New Yawk’s finest punk rockers and a musical will combine but it will be interesting if nothing else.

By the way “Gabba Gabba Hey” is a line from “Pinhead” which can be found on the Ramones’ second album “Leave Home”.

And if you’re found asking yourself who the Ramones are after this article you really have no place even reading this website!