Garage Rock in the Montreal Gazette

Just a quick heads up to check out the Saturday, November 1st issue of the Montreal Gazette for a feature on “Garage Rock.” There will be interviews with Little Steven, The High Dials, the head honcho from Rainbow Quartz records, Montreal band The Cains and the incomperable Mimi la Twisteuse! If you can’t pick up the paper try the link above to see if it’s online. Thanks Mimi!

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    Photographie de/ Photography exhibit of

    WHERE/OU: Foufounes Electriques, 87 St.Catherine Est. Montreal, Canada.
    VERNISSAGE: April 3, ’05 , 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Encan/ AUCTION des/ of PHOTOS: April 29,’05, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

    REBEL/ REBELLE- PUNKS & PROVOCATEURS is a photography exhibit of LINDA DAWN HAMMOND, AKA Dawn One, to be held in Montreal at the Foufounes Electriques in April 2005.
    It features over 180 photos taken from the perspective of a participant in the punk scene, primarily of the late 70s/ 80s.
    Portrayed are club people and bands from interweaving punk, alternative, hardcore, Goth and gay scenes, in Montreal, Toronto, NYC, and Europe. This is the first time these particular photos have appeared on exhibit!
    Each photo will be stapled in place on a series of chronological montages, in effect a rock n’roll scrapbook of memories, depicting a very personal history of punk. The photographer’s own.

    Band photos (onstage/ backstage) include XTC, David Bowie, Only Ones, Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico, Blondie, THE POGUES with JOE STRUMMER, Shakn? Pyramids, Nina Hagen, Young Gods, Asexuals, SCUM, Suicidal Tendencies, SUDDEN IMPACT , Shlonk, Police, Killing Joke, DEAD KENNEDYS, Laurie Anderson, The Ramones, Sex Gang Children, Men Without Hats, Marianne Faithfull, American Devices, Pigface, GBH, Ultravox, Police Picnic, Talking Heads, The Damned, Buzzcocks, Rhythm Activism, DANSE SOCIETY, the Mods . ANDROIDS, TOOLS, PERE UBU, URBAN VERBS, DICK DUCK and the DORKS, ASEXUALS, TOXIC REASONS, DEJA VOODOO, and in dance, LA LA LA HUMAN STEPS, among others.

    70s & 80s club and party scenes:
    MONTREAL- Foufounes, Cargo, Poodles, Business, private events; TORONTO: The Edge, Hotel Isabella;
    NYC: Mudd Club, Pyramid Club, Rock Hotel, CBGBs , Danceteria (Featuring photos of Gia, Zilon, Vava Vol, Suzanne Malouk, Josephine Sberna, Sheila Urbanowski, Istvan Cantor, Michael Roman ?NYC graffiti artist, etc.)

    AUCTION: The show will close with an auction of the special edition prints on exhibit at the Foufounes. The auctioned photos will then be removed from the collages, tearing the corners and thus creating this specific series of “damaged” photographs. 50% of net proceeds from the auction will go to the charity, Medecins Sans Frontieres, specifically to assist victims of rape living with Hiv / Aids in Africa.
    Bidding for the individual photos will begin on the BLOG at $25. Bids can be placed in the area reserved for comments. Please include valid contact information. The final bidding will be conducted live at the Foufounes auction, with the photograph going to the highest bidder, live or blogged. S&H are extra.

    ABOUT the Photographer:
    Linda Dawn Hammond is a fine art photographer, currently based in Montreal and Toronto. She has been documenting the underground scene since she began photography at the age of 18. She studied journalism at Carleton U., followed by 3 years at Ryerson’s film and photography dept., eventually completing her BFA at Concordia U. in 1990, and MFA at York U. in 1997.

    Many of the people seen in this documentary exhibit also appear in her studio based work, such as Three Part Bodyseries, Schattenspiel, and Physical Addictions. Her freelance photography has been published in magazines and Newspapers in Canada, the US and Europe. As a fine art photographer, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, listed on the following site along with examples of work from various series, reviews and past interviews.

    Media Listing

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