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Gérard Girard’s Top Discs of 2005

Gérard Girard, host of the very cool Pop Dreams radio show and frequent contributor to The Rock and Roll Report has come up with his list of the best discs of 2005. Here they are in order of receipt or of when played on Pop Dreams:

  • Brendan BENSON “The Alternative to Love” V2 music
  • Danny Mc DONALD “Fibrotones” Off The Hip Records/
  • The LEN PRICE 3 “Chinese Burn” Laughing Outlaw Records/
  • Jim BOGGIA “Safe in Sound” self produced/
  • TEENAGE FAN CLUB “Man Made” Pema Records
  • The AFTERNOONS “Rocket Summer” Sunday Records/
  • Les SPURTS “It’s Different and the Same” self produced/
  • Jensen BELL “Modern Dating Tips” self produced/
  • NADA SURF ” The Weight is a Gift” City Slang Records
  • The BRETT ROSENBERG PROBLEM “Speed Metal from Montreal” Capitol Records
  • CRUMB “Evenings & Weekends” disques Fridge/
  • Sam SHINAZZI “Stories You Wouldn’t Believe” Laughing Outlaw Records
  • POSIES “Every Kind of Light” Ryko Records
  • CAESARS “Paper Tigers” EMI Music
  • The MAHARAJAS “A Third Opinion” Low Impact Records/
  • FUGU “As Found” Third Side Records/ (‘french artist)
  • PSYCHO LEMON “A Mouse and John” ELP Records/
  • Steven ALVARADO “The Howl Sessions” Mott Records/
  • RICKY s/t Beat Crazy Records/
  • CHURCHILLS “The Odds of Winning” Near Records/Red Eye

honorable mentions :

  • Paul WESTERBERG “Folker” Vagrant Records
  • EELS “Blinking Lights and Other Revelations”-
  • Graham COUSENS “Living Room Sessions” Spade Kitty Records/
  • FOXYMORONS “Hesitation Eyes” Heatstroke Records/
  • The GOLDEN APPLES “Cooler Jets Will Prevail” self produced/
  • SMALL CHANGE s/t Unsmashable Records/
  • WELL WISHERS “Under the Arrows” Not Lame Records/
  • The MAGIC NUMBERS s/t Heavelnly Records
  • Chris VON SNEIDERN “California Redemption Value” Mastromania Records/
  • hors concours : Compilation DOM MARIANI “Popsided Guitar” Citadel Records