Get Ready to Go “Around the Sun” With R.E.M. for Free!

I have been an R.E.M. fan for years and they never fail to disappoint. Some may argue that they should have hung up their guitars and mics when Bill Berry quit but I have always believed that as long as a musician is making music solely for the joy of making music then they should continue on until it is they themselves who decide to pull the plug. Luckily R.E.M. have decided to keep going for a while longer. For the new album “Around the Sun” they have partnered with My to present a free preview of the album for the next two weeks. You do not have to be a member to listen and it is a great way to get a feel for the album, the 13th of their career. And if you are a tad concerned that they have foregone rockers for more of the softer, mid-tempo songs espoused on “Up” and “Reveal” you can relax. Sure “Around the Sun” is slow to mid-tempo but they have announced that they already have half an album’s worth of stuff for their next album in the can and they guarantee that it is going to “rock”! Enjoy.