Get Uncut in the Sixties

I picked up “Uncut presents 60s” which is Uncut magazine’s compendium of original clippings from the New Music Express during the ‘60s and it is well worth a read. Now I’m not the kind of guy to wallow in ‘60s nostalgia but it is absolutely fascinating to watch the evolution of rock and roll that takes place from 1963, where the magazine starts, to 1969. The music was vibrant, experimental and for the most parts great but sometimes people tend to forget that the ‘60s did produce it’s fair share of crap. The fun thing about rock and roll circa 2004 is that musicians can take and process 4 decades of rock and roll for their influences so that bands like the Creation and the Wailers can get equal time with the Ramones and the Buzzcocks in that great mixed tape rolling in one’s internal rock and roll jukebox. Reading the magazine does bring one thing clearly into focus though. There was a lot of exciting, happening rock and roll during those fascinating, groundbreaking years but don’t think for a minute that rock and roll died at the stroke of midnight December 31st, 1969. Great rock and roll has been made during every decade since the ‘60s and is still being made today. Check out the Audities list that I just posted for some proof of that. Yah, the ‘60s were cool but don’t limit yourself to only one decade. If you do, you will be missing out on some great rock ‘n’ roll bands playing today, bands that you can actually go out and see which after all is the real essence of the true rock and roll experience. Pick it up and read it. You’ll like it. Then go check out who is playing in town this weekend and go. If you have to, just close your eyes and pretend that you’re in the UFO Club circa 1967. On second thought, you won’t have to. The experience will be just as powerful. Try and prove me wrong.