Godfathers of LA Punk- A Siamese Dogs Records Anthology (Siamese Dogs Records)

Godfathers_of_la_punk In April 1977, Phillipe Mogane and James Williamson released Iggy Pop and the Stooges’ “I Got a Right/Gimme Some Skin” as the first release on French label Siamese Dogs Records, a release intended to set the musical/political direction for the label and boy did it ever. In subsequent years Siamese Dogs have released a number of bands that embrace the Stooges/MC5 punk rock sound and some of these bands have been collected on “Godfathers of LA Punk” a raucous, rocking punk-fest that is nicely distorted and by neccessity required to play loud. Rock out to tracks by The Stooges, the Weasels, the Controllers, the Max Lazer Band, the Attitude and the Nu Americans. “Do the Uganda” by The Controllers is pure rock and roll adrenalin. A great introduction to a label I had never heard of. Check out their MP3 page for some fine download samples. Excellent.


  1. HI Mark !!
    I came upon your review and loved it. Precise, concise; I hope it will help exorcise the Kids’ minds. The way, James and I, did in the 70’s. If you listen very carefully you will see ghosts of R ‘n R freedom rise from the glares of plastic (R)evolution. It’s Time to rise again, America !!!
    Keep on Punkin’

  2. three cheers for SDR….or how ever many you want to give….keep your eyes and ears open, you may just see sound.

    buddy a

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