Going For Another Spin

Well I must be a glutton for punishment because I picked up the latest issue of Spin over the weekend, yet another magazine with a cover story on The Strokes (It’s a collectors item. They are available with 5 different covers featuring a different Stroke on each one. How fab!). Why? Mainly ’cause I wanted to read the article on rock star deaths (where I learned more about GPS receivers than rock star deaths) but the fact that they featured Montreal’s own The Stills was kinda cool and The Darkness article was interesting I guess. Did it change my impression of Spin? Well, the cover price is cheap compared to my faves Mojo and Uncut but whereas those magazines I typically keep, Spin tends to go the way of the recycle bin (the non-computer type) pretty quickly. Ya, I guess it was an OK read and definitely better than Rolling Stone but at the end of the day that’s not saying much now is it?

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  1. Years ago I stopped subscribing to Spin. Then I tried Alternative Press, but after one of their Readers’ Polls I knew I obviously had nothing in common with their target market and canceled that subscription. Sometimes I fork out for Mojo, sometimes I read Wire. For the most part I’ve stopped reading music magazines and it hasn’t changed my life one bit.

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