Great Rock and Roll Mysteries: In Search of the Real Pepperland

I was never much of a Beatles fan in high school or college. I was more of a Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Rush kind of a guy, although I did like slapping on “I Saw Her Standing There” from Live at the Hollywood Bowl in the middle of our drunken college beer parties for a change of pace. It was only in my late twenties after picking up “The Complete Beatles Chronicle” by Mark Lewisohn that I really started to dive in and appreciate what everybody was fawning about (a bit too much sometimes if you ask me. It seems like some people forget that there ever were bands like The Kinks, The Yardbirds, The Pretty Things and The Small Faces raving it up at the same time, not to mention The Creation and The Move). Of all the things that I have read about the Beatles, none has captured my peace and love warped imagination as much as their attempt to buy a Greek island and turn it into some kind of an elite hippy commune. You have got to be kidding me I thought when I first read about it in one of the countless Beatle books I have read (how many Beatle related books are there anyways?). Well the proof is out there thanks to Her Royal Majesties Government. In a very interesting (and decidedly non rock and roll web site), this link offers up copies of the documents confirming both the request to use British Pounds to buy the island as well as the names and descriptions of the land (actually one main island called Aegos and 5 offshore islands). The plan was apparently to build one central building and 4 separate Beatle houses where the Mop Tops could get away from it all with their families and selected friends like Bob Dylan. They wanted to build a recording studio, school and I suspect a Beatle Hospital and Beatle Bank. Needless to say, once the acid wore off that little scheme was quietly forgotten but the power these guys had at the time was truly like, mind blowing man. And don’t forget to check the next page which offers quite a detailed list of the drug paraphernalia that was found in the flat of Brian Jones during a June, 1967 arrest so that you too can live the life of a randy ‘60s era rock star. Oh do behave.