Greg Shaw R.I.P.

I just heard the stunning news that rock and roll pioneer and Bomp Records founder Greg Shaw has passed away. This is truly sad, sad news. Although I didn’t know Greg personally, his tireless devotion to rock and roll was an inspiration to the hundreds of people graced by their contacts with him. This very website was started as a direct result of his classic Bomp editorial Revolution Now and inspired by his ground-breaking Mojo Navigator Rock and Roll News. Just this past summer I e-mailed Greg saying how influenced I was by him and his vision of rock and roll and he actually e-mailed me back to tell me he was a fan of The Rock and Roll Report. We then debated a bit about the current status of rock and roll and it just blew me away that he would take the time to e-mail me back. I think that was just the kind of guy that he was. You can get more info on Greg at The Facts About Greg Shaw from the Bomp Records website. I will post more info as I get it. Needless to say, I won’t be posting tomorrow since I am not much in the mood to write about rock and roll. Thanks for the memories and the encouragement Greg. You will be greatly missed. The Rock and Roll Report will return sometime next week.
UPDATE: Here are 2 nice interviews with Greg: Black to Comm and Scram Magazine.