Hail To The Chancellor!

Just a quick follow up to my somewhat exuberant post from last night after seeing Gord Downie in concert. Good rock and roll is all about that moment in time when you forget about everything to immerse yourself in the power of the music. It doesn’t happen every show but when it does it is not something you will soon forget. I mean, my buddy and brother-in-law and I sat there before the show talking about all the great shows we had seen in the past (yet the shitty shows were a lot harder to remember)! The experience can be unforgettable. Well last night gave me enough rock and roll moments to keep me going for a little while longer. All the ingredients were there. First off, we saw the show in a small rock ‘n roll club in a stereotypical skanky part of town. We sat at tables a mere two feet from the stage (We could actually make eye contact with the band!). Finally, the band was one that I was anxiously awaiting to see yet I didn’t know all the material so the sense of anticipation was high. What was it about this show at this time that has me slavering all over my keyboard this morning you might ask? All I can say was that the experience was like stumbling into a bunch of friends banging away at guitars in your buddy’s basement rec room only to discover that your friends happen to play and sing like BB King’s long lost kin. There was a sense of intimacy and communication that went on all night that was absolutely revelatory. The music was both tight and loose (to borrow from that most apt description of Led Zeppelin in their hey day). And our positive experience was not just because we were seeing Gordie in a small club, although that is certainly the way I like to experience my rock and roll these days. My brother-in-law had just returned from seeing Bruce Springsteen at Fenway Park and his rock and roll experience was at least as powerful if not more so than mine (he is both a huge baseball fan and a Springsteen fan so I think he will coast on that natural high until February!). No, the experience was a direct result of (wait for it) “the true power of rock ‘n roll.” Now, it’s not going to save your soul, or change the world, but it is going to feed your soul, put a smile on your face and a skip to your step. The music is both of the moment and timeless. Good rock and roll compels you to have a good time. What more could you possible ask for in this day and age? What more could you possible want? Rock and Roll might not change your life, but it certainly makes it a lot more fun. That my friends is priceless. That is the power of good rock and roll. That is why we listen, again and again and again.