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Hands of Time- “I Am a Hideous Monster”

Hands_of_timeWhen I opened the booklet that accompanied the CD “I Am a Hideous Monster” by the Hands of Time I thought I was looking at a photo of Bill Wyman’s bass guitars from the Rolling Stone’s “Aftermath” era such is the realism that the band uses to capture their fuzzed out freaky garage rock tunes. With over 15 years of experience, this Australian band uses their weapons of choice (recording direct to tape, Vox guitars, Farfisa organs, fuzz pedals and amps turned to “11”) to great rock and roll effect. Fantastic vintage Mick Jagger-like screaming, roiling rock and roll that is perfect to blast out of your speakers on a Sunday afternoon to freak out the neighbors, the Hands of Time pump out fantastic garage-inspired rock and roll. If you love your “Nuggets” collection then here’s your chance to hear some great garage rock made today. Later.