Happy Birthday Hef!

So this January marks the 50th birthday of Playboy magazine. I can just hear the screams of derision from some of you for me even bringing up this sordid rag and the howls of disbelief from some of you who do not think that I am giving Hef the respect that he deserves (actually the greater majority of you probably didn’t realize and don’t care, a typical problem facing the bunny empire these days). Be that as it may, Playboy and rock and roll are quite closely linked. Every major rock artist of the ‘60s, from the Beatles to Dylan, has been featured in the pages of the magazine. Bill Graham used to pen a column on the “Psychedelic Sounds” of the late ‘60s. Brian Jones used to stagger about the London Playboy club with a blonde on one hand and a bag of pills in his pocket. Hell the Rolling Stones stayed at the Playboy Mansion in ’72 during the Chicago and Mid-West leg of their infamous “cocksucker blues” tour of North America. The connection is sill there today with their Sex & Rock ‘N’ Roll website which is billed as “dedicated to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle” (whatever that is). Believe it or not, this site is not half bad. OK not all of you are going to be thrilled with the “sex” part but then hey, this is rock and roll, it’s all part of the package. Some of the stuff like the rap/rock and hip hop bands is to me just pandering to what is supposedly “hip” today but I do enjoy the “Breaking Bands” section which features new up and coming rock and roll bands and the article “From the Underground: Buzz Bands” by Michael Reynolds was great. Go ahead, click on the link. After all, you’re just going there for the articles, right? Right.