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Headphone Theater: “Love’s Young Nightmare” and the return of the radio drama rock and roll style

LOVE'S YOUNG NIGHTMARE: Love's Young NightmareThe other day in the car the song Friends of Mr. Cairo came on and got me to thinking that you don’t hear many songs anymore that embrace the concept of an audio drama in a rock and roll format. Sure rock and roll has its’ fair share of concept albums, from The Who’s Tommy to American Idiot by Green Day but what about those songs and albums who’s concept include a lot of the earmarks of radio drama with spoken word segues and audio effects? One of the best in my opinion is Roger Water’s Radio Kaos but one of the best known in this style had to be his magnum opus with Pink Floyd, The Wall. The Wall is in part what inspired B-movie screenwriter Matthew Jason Walsh to creat Love’s Young Nightmare, a concept album that embraces the best of this genre into a great album tracing the rise and fall of a female rock star from a Sarah Mclaughlin-type singer songwriter into a burnt out rock and roll singer who is chewed up and spit out by the rock biz. Featuring the absolutely stunning vocals of Robyn Griggs, Love’s Young Nightmare proves to me that if the concept is done right this type of rock and roll “headphone theater” is actually an amazing experience. Give this CD a spin on your CD player, pop on the headphones, dim the lights and let the drama unfold in your mind’s eye. It’s quite the journey.