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Heap- “On the Cheap”

Heap1 Heap are a great, loud melodic rock and roll band from Brooklyn spearheaded by Tim Heap and their sophomore record “On the Cheap” has been blaring from my home stereo to my car stereo for the last week. Absolutely top notch rock and roll from a band that pumps out such killer cuts as “Backsliding”, “The Sober Life” and the always memorable “Puerto Rican Girl.” To give you a taste check out the full-length MP3 of “Women” live at Arlene’s Grocery on December 10th, 2004 and a bunch of samples from their new CD on their Sounds page. Further samples can be found at their label Rave-on Records. This is great stuff and highly recommended. I like the description of the band on CD Baby “They play and sing about what they know best – friends, girlfriends and girls that will never be girlfriends.” Check ’em out.