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Highway Stars Crosstown Traffic

This little article to let you all know about the recent publication of a new E book which has many links to rock’nroll. It is called Highway Stars Crosstown Traffic.

It is an automotive pop-culture e-book. It focuses on the cars, motorcycles, even the trucks which scorched their way into 20th century pop-culture through movies TV and lyrics of songs. By Radio DJ Peter Antony.

  Here is what Peter has to say about his latest book – ‘It’s about the vehicles that fuelled dreams drove desires, and left a torch song tattooed through your heart. Highway Stars Crosstown Traffic, available for world wide download through all major platforms priced at $4:99. It’s a “Hub capped diamond star halo, honour the metal guru. Get behind that wheel and switch the dashboard radio on and take that ride through the highway of your mind. It’s a must for machine heads, and 20th pop-culture surfers…It’s a head movie for time travellers and restless lovers where the road still leads the way, and has yet to be travelled. Open page one and floor it!’

HIGHWAY STARS & CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC is available for download through Amazon and other major platforms.

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