How Would You Like Superfriendz?

Canada is especially blessed with great, original and yet unknown rock and roll bands. It seems that our proximity to the U.S., our relationship with Great Britain and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that results from having 25% of the population residing in a province where French is the mother tongue combine to give Canadian bands a wealth of influences that subtly melt together creating a distinctly Canadian “sound.” OK that’s my interpretation, others may vary but there is no denying that a band like Superfriendz are a great, original Canadian rock and roll blast. And despite the fact that they disbanded six years ago, they are back! For a little background on a band that you might want to search out there is an excellent article on Canoe (That’s what Friendz are for) which summarizes why they reunited. And just remember that Superfriendz are just the tip of the tip of the Canadian rock and roll iceberg! Now that’s cool.