How’s Aboot a Little Bit of Canadian Punk, Eh?

Ok, enough with the goofy Canadian stereotype (I don’t care what you think you hear but we do not say "aboot"). Canada has a fine, although a somewhat unknown rock and roll history once you get past the big names like Rush, BTO and the Barenaked Ladies but it is an incredible rock and roll history none the less. Often incorporating influences equally from both the United States and Europe, Canadian rock and roll to me has always been about blending in influences while adding a distinctly Canadian inflection in both humour, a positive outlook and an understated confidence. And then you have punk. Canadian punk again bears the influence of both its neighbor to the south as well as its cousins across the pond but the vastness of the country makes it all somehow quintessentially Canadian. Punk History Canada is a great website that deals specifically with Canadian punk from 1977-1987, considered the "golden age" by some fans of the genre. An unbelievable resource for those who were there and those just curious, Punk History Canada will take you weeks to read. Excellent site and very well down. Oi, Oi, Oi!