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If I’m going to go I want to go Drowned in Sound

A quick post about a very cool web magazine I came across called Drowned in Sound. In particular their article Sony and BMG to Merge: Indies To Be Further Marginalised was very well thought out and the ensuing debate in the comments section very interesting. Check it out.

One reply on “If I’m going to go I want to go Drowned in Sound”

Looks like an interesting site and a decent article. I’m not going to share the same doomsday opinion on the merger, though. While I think it’s bad that two music companies consolidate, the indies have all the more capability to stand out.

Artists will surely get dropped, and bands just signed will have their projects canceled. Indies should swoop in and take advantage of the fact that the majors have for years put their marketing muscle behind some of the bands they just dumped. Indies, take these familiar names and work with them to create good albums for the fanbases that already exist.

A bigger music company is a safer record company. It will be slower to adapt with changes in consumer tastes, and more hesitant to develop new genres. The indies, more than ever, will be the best source of good music. The majors will be too worried catering to Wal-Mart’s middle-of-the-road tastes to worry about the country’s music lovers. Now, people need to recognize that the indies have all this to offer. Don’t buy what’s put in front of your face. Search out the better music.

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