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If your idea of rock and roll nirvana is something like Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 then you will love 60s Garage Bands.Com. Every month Mike Dugo and his crew put together an incredible array of news, reviews and interviews with dozens of Sixties era garage bands. I am sure I have talked about this site in the past but it has been updated to sport a cleaner look that makes finding things or just plain browsing a joy. An invaluable resource and a great read.


  1. Hi:

    I’m Stan Brown formerly of the Thunderbirds band who in 1966 recorded a 45 on Libra record with the now obscure songs of “These Days Are Gone” and “Hey Little Girl” which is currently on the Beyond the Beat Generation.com play list. Our old band has been nominated for possible induction into the Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and finding another radio station that has played our old songs would enhance the possibility of our being inducted, as would any positive email from a listener who has heard the songs. Email posts can be sent to me or to the email link on the web site at .

    Stan Brown

  2. Hi Stan, I have Storm’n Nomans in Waterbury, Ne. we have always been a fan of the Thunderbirds, we were at the induction when you were honored, in fact we always wanted to get you guys to play at our venue. Recently I was told you are playing the Eagles in So Sioux City, Ne. the same night we are doing are annual IRRMA benefit, I am not sure what the people at the Eagles are trying to do but it sure is not going to do either venue good when you split the crowd, I know the IRRMA count on this event as one of there better fund raisers. When I heard this I was disappointed that the venue would book over our date, also disapponted a IRRMA inductee band was going to be the band. Respectively, Norm

  3. Hello All:

    Thanks to all who supported the induction of the Thunderbirds into the Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

    Brother Steve and I just spent another terrific weekend at the Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame Induction ceremony at Arnold’s Park, IA. For those of you who haven’t attended it takes place every Labor Day weekend at the Roof Garden Ballroom in Arnold’s Park, IA. Make plans to attend to hear some terrific bands and see the current Inductees perform.

    Norm, I just found this site again today, sorry I didn’t see your March 31st, 2008 post earlier. I did enjoy the few minutes we were able to converse this past weekend in Arnold’s Park. As you now know, the overlap in bookings in Sioux land were inadvertent and yes we’d like to play your venue sometime. That’s a great looking red Vette you’re driving. I have a red 89 C4 Vette with 20,000 miles on it. I’ve taken some teasing about a Thunderbird driving a Vette but haven’t come across a 55-56 porthole window T-Bird I could afford yet.

    To all our past and present fans: You can contact the band through the website or via . My personal email has changed to .

    Keeping the 60s Rock N Roll alive.

    Stan Brown, Thunderbirds Band

  4. Hello 60s Rock and Roll fans:
    Our new website is up and running and under constant revision and updating. Please visit us there and at the Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association’s website.
    Thanks to the Iowa Rock N Roll Music Association and our fans for Inducting us as Hall of Fame members for 2006. Brother Steve and I just returned from Arnold’s Park, IA Labor Day spectacular 2009 Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction. What a great weekend, meeting past inductees and the new 2009 inductees. For those who never attended, plan to do so in 2010.

    To Norm Schwartz, I enjoyed our time to visit this past weekend and do hope that at sometime in the future you’ll book us for Stornin Norman’s for a gig.

    Rock On, Stan Brown, Thunderbirds Band.

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