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I’m Getting On This Jet

Ok, I’m officially jumping on the Jet bandwagon since I think these Aussies are great. Forget about all the “these guys are what real rock and roll is all about” and the “merely a rehash of Sticky Fingers era Stones” (or AC/DC or Oasis or whatever) comments and just buy this album. It is a fun rock and roll ride from beginning to end. Recommended.

One reply on “I’m Getting On This Jet”

The best parts of the CD, I think, are the slow songs. Finally, a rock band that can write some great slower tunes. They really make the album stand out.

And the rockin’ songs ain’t too shabby, either. (Except for “Cold Hard Bitch.” I find that one to be pretty corny and out of place with the other songs on the album. Should have been a b-side.)

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