Indie News Beat for the week of April 19, 2005

April 19, 2005 Edition

* UNSIGNED Music Magazine Unveils New Format
* Booking & Promotion Technology Seminar
* New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
* The Secret Of Your Heart… Hitting Worldwide Rock Stations
* WAV’s Third Issue Gets National Distribution
* Mr. Rupert Neve Returns To Manufacturing With Portico Series
* Making Your IPod Do More Than You Thought Possible
* Full Playlist Automation For Web Radio Streaming
* U.S. Indie Band & Film Expo To Be Held In Beaumont, Texas
* Modern Drummer Sets 17th Annual Festival May 28-29
* Garage Radio Adds New Show To Program Schedule

UNSIGNED Music Magazine Unveils New Format And Stronger Focus On Indie Artists

UNSIGNED Music Magazine, a music magazine that focuses on independent artists, will launch its’ new website May 1st. The new launch accompanies the magazine’s renewed focus on independent artists and the announcement of its’ new tagline.

"We felt our previous tagline, The Best NEW Music You’ve Never Heard, no longer fit us as a magazine", said Kenneth Hamlett, COO of Urban Playground Media, parent company of UNSIGNED. The new site will feature videos from independent artists, more feature stories, contests, and coming later in the year documentaries and a radio station.

"There are too many other websites that have similar taglines and we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the masses. Plus we needed a tagline that immediately identified who we are and what we do to our readers. We feel that our new tagline, The Largest Magazine Dedicated to Indie Music, speaks volumes about our committment to our readers."

Founded in 2003 UNSIGNED has gained recognition as the premier magazine to be featured in for independent artists. It is the only magazine of its’ kind that allows readers to download an entire issue in Adobe PDF format, absolutely free. UNSIGNED features interviews, articles and reviews of independent artists.


Booking & Promotion Technology Seminar: April 27th 2005 will present a seminar at the Tippitina’s Music Office Co-op regarding ways to effectively use technology to book and promote your band, performer or event. The seminar is free to the public and will be held on Thursday, April 27th at 6pm. The Music Office Co-Op is located at 4040 Tulan Ave., New Orleans LA 70119, (504) 483-2880.

Onlineigs is a powerful tool for musicians, agents, record companies and managers. It will automate the administration of booking and promoting your band or multiple bands. The site features a huge directory of industry contacts and the ability to track correspondences with each contact. Subscribers can easily issue a performance contract, remotely update any website with the new gig information, automatically generate a tour itinerary with driving directions and issue press releases to the local media in any market in the country. All with the click of a button.


The Black Crowes, Widespread Panic, The Neville Brothers, The Original Meters, And Dozens Of Other Artists To Offer Live Recordings At This Year’s New Orleans Jazz Fest

MunckMix, Inc., of Chicago, IL, the official recording licensee of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival’s "Jazz Fest Live" recording series is proud to announce the roster of artists participating in the 2005 "Jazz Fest Live" offering. Among the artists who will offer live recordings of their performances are The Black Crowes, The Original Meters Reunion, Widespread Panic, and New Orleans music icons The Neville Brothers. The extensive list of "Jazz Fest Live" recordings available can be seen, and purchased on CDs and downloads, at

New this year is the ability for fans to purchase the recordings anytime during the festival directly from the "Jazz Fest Live" booth on the fairgrounds. The recordings will be mixed and mastered by MunckMix engineers within hours of each performance, and CDs are then manufactured on site and available for pickup the following day. In addition to on-site delivery, every recording, including dozens of recordings from last year’s festival, is also available for shipment at

"This year we’re very excited to offer festival goers the opportunity to buy CDs from a show they attended – or missed – directly at the festival in our Jazz Fest Live booth," said MunckMix founder Peer Munck "While you can still order everything on CDs and downloads over the web at, we think many music fans will want to get their hands on the recordings at the fairgrounds so they can re-experience the outstanding Jazz Fest performances as soon as possible. Along with the great music we’ll be capturing from this year’s festival we’ll also be fully stocked with CDs from the 2004 festival."


The Secret Of Your Heart… Hitting Worldwide Rock Stations

It’s no secret Miss Kristin‘s recent offering "The Secret Of Your Heart" from the Big Fuss/2 High 2 Die Record Label is impacting rock radio and adult contemporary stations worldwide. It’s also no secret rock radio across the nation has been undergoing a transformation with a much needed resuscitation….

Reminiscent of the great artists from the 80’s heyday… such as The Police and Genesis who naturally crossed over the major markets and appealed to listeners of every age and demographic, this is the return to greatness.

The Secret of Your Heart comprises a commentary on passion and relationships. With this theme as her palette, Miss Kristin delivers deft compositions that range from the in-your-face "Love You Later", in which she takes control of a relationship on her own terms, to "Let Me Show You My Love", a song of reconciliation and support. Blessed with a vocal versatility that matches the emotional spectrum of her songwriting, Miss Kristin’s voice can be likened to a cross between Pat Benatar and Grace Slick, while remaining wholly her own.


Triple Threat­ WAV’s Third Issue Gets National Distribution

The third installment of WAV, a nearly one-year old music and culture magazine out of Los Angeles, has hit newsstands as the publication’s first nationally distributed issue. WAV’s Spring 2005 cover is graced by an increasingly ubiquitous The Mars Volta and the magazine’s pages feature intimate perspectives on DJ/producer Mark Farina, avant hip hop producer Prefuse 73, Sage Francis’ government scorn, President Bush vs. The Environment, and the political grassroots initiative that is Ralph Nader.

Always celebrating expression, WAV continually provides a spectrum of content that includes music, art, politics, and subversive culture. This can be seen in the Spring issue through an exposé of potentially damaging legislative policies and federal repeals concerning the environment, a conversation about what motivated Tom Morello of Audioslave and System Of a Down frontman Serj Tankian to found their nonprofit social organization, Axis of Justice, and a unique look at popping and lockin’ in the heartbreaking story of Don "Campbellock" Campbell, inventor of the lock.

To fully complement the current issue, WAV’s website is streaming audio media showcased in the third issue. This includes the raw-soul stylings of Bintu, some punk-noise from The Blood Brothers, hip hop dance from Josh One, as well as music by 22-20’s, Prefuse 73, Sage Francis, and Sound Tribe Sector Nine. WAV is on newsstands now and is also available online.


Mr. Rupert Neve Returns To Manufacturing With Portico Series

Mr. Rupert Neve has returned to manufacturing with a series of all-analogue products that will be released during 2005 under his own brand, Rupert Neve Designs, following over 15 years of design consultation for others.

The first Rupert Neve Designs Portico unit to be launched will be the 5012 Duo Mic Pre, a dual-channel microphone preamplifier that incorporates a number of unique features. The classic warmth and presence of Mr. Neve’s renowned audio circuit designs may be added to both outputs through the front panel "Silk" switch. A "To Buss" switch allows the 5012 to access bussing in a custom-configured, multi-module setup or to assign a signal to a solo or cue buss embodied in other Portico modules.

Two Rupert Neve Designs 5012 Duo, half-rack, 1RU, Mic Pres may be combined in an optional rack mount kit to provide four of these high quality, Mr.Neve-designed channels in a single rack space.

The first of an integrated series of Portico products, the 5012 Duo Mic Pre will be joined by equalization, filtering, dynamics control, assignment, mixing and monitoring modules, and even a tape emulation channel.


Making Your IPod Do More Than You Thought Possible

"You know how Macintosh computers inspire such emotional attachment from their fans?" asks author and "New York Times" tech columnist J. D. Biersdorfer. "The iPod inspires similar devotion: iPod web sites, iPod shareware add-ons, an iPod accessory industry–in short, the invasion of the iPod People." But conspicuously absent from this profusion of iPod gear is an iPod manual. Thankfully, for Podlings everywhere–or anyone about to become one—there’s "iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual, Third Edition," (O’Reilly, US $24.95), written by Biersdorfer and edited by Missing Manual series creator David Pogue.

For getting much more out of an iPod, as well as putting much more into it, this newly updated edition blows open the secret doors of the chrome-and-white beauty and its many siblings, including the iPod Mini, iPod Photo, and the tiny iPod Shuffle. "This book is one-stop shopping for iPod reference and information," promises Biersdorfer. "It takes you on a joyride through the iPod subculture. And it guides you through all the cool musical and nonmusical things you can do with your iPod, from looking up phone numbers to checking the weather report. You’ll also find heaping helpings of the Three T’s: tips, tricks, and troubleshooting."


Full Playlist Automation For Web Radio Streaming

PWsoft, developers of music automation and automated sequence technology for digital content announce a new webservice to produce a fully automated internet radio broadcast.

This new webservice is based on their unique software component "UniversalMixMachine (UMM) which can calculate a non-stop sequence of digital items from any given property or criterium by using three different kinds of algorithms to control.

Target for the new webservice are companies that intend to have a web stream running for their customers for image or advertising purposes but don’t want to do any editorial work like producing playlists of music and possibly adverts, jingles or other inserts. The webservice, once set, can run for weeks without maintenance and without any sequence being repeated.

Once the music for the broadcast has been selected and perhaps profiled, the webservice can be configured and will constantly select items for the broadcast according to its settings. Any kind of property or criterium can be used: Metadata such as tempo, release date or voice type, but also music style, personal rating values or user rating, or even economical data such as sales figures or the amount someone pays to get featured, can be used to control the automation.


U.S. Indie Band & Film Expo To Be Held In Beaumont, Texas

The 2005 US Indie Band & Film Expo will take place in Beaumont, Texas from August 19-23, 2005 (setup and load-in is on August 18). More than 500 bands, filmmakers, and artists are expected to participate in what is expected to become the premier showcase for unsigned acts of all genres. Nearly 18,000 people are projected to attend the birth of one of the industry’s most explosive annual events. The five-day event will take place at the Fairpark Coliseum and Fairground, and nearby facilities and venues.

There will be four outdoor music stages running continuously from 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m., and indoors, there will be a large screen to show projects in film, video, and animation. Additionally, each participant will have a booth promoting their goods or services, selling merchandise, meet-and-greets, etc. The US Indie Expo will also feature workshops, conferences, Q&A panel sessions, and seminars.

Individuals and companies from all parts of the globe are expected to participate in The US Indie Expo. The event will bring together key industry people, performers, and filmmakers, as well as a demographically desired fan and consumer base. Among those in attendance will be distributors, publishers, agents, managers, publicists, promoters, and record labels. These service oriented companies will seek to sign new acts.


Modern Drummer Sets 17th Annual Festival May 28-29 In New Jersey

Modern Drummer, the world’s first and most popular magazine for drummers and percussionists, has scheduled the Modern Drummer Festival Weekend 2005 for May 28-29 at Prudential Hall at NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center) in Newark, New Jersey. Shows begin at 1:00 p.m. each day.

Special guest artists from the rock, jazz and R&B worlds confirmed to take part in the event at this time include Deep Purple’s Ian Paice, Prince/Ringo Starr percussionist Sheila E., jazz living legend Roy Haynes, Tool’s Danny Carey, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Shadows Fall’s Jason Bittner and many others.

"We are very excited about our festival this year," says Bill Miller, Modern Drummer’s Editor In Chief. "It’s by far the most impressive lineup of drumming greats ever assembled. And having our festival at a world-class facility like NJPAC will make it an even better experience for attendees."


Garage Radio Adds New Show To Program Schedule

Since Garage Radio first announced the search for new radio shows, many interesting ideas have been presented to the programming staff. Be it a Celtic Folk show or Latino talk radio; every potential program concept was entertained.

The first new show to become a reality is "Collective Perspective," hosted by Cole Coleman. The 2-hour program underscores a wide variety of music, from Electronic to Acoustic to Alternative Rock, and combines educated insights with great entertainment.

According to Cole the show will "showcase music of artistic quality that highlights true musicianship and talent … and provide a program of music that appeals to people of nearly any age with a high level of artistic taste."


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