Indie Rock is Back. So says Newsweek.

I suppose I am one of the only sites not linking to the Newsweek article Rock’s Big Bounce so on the bandwagon I go! “I’ve talked about this with friends a lot lately: something amazing is about to happen,” says (Ben) Gibbard, 27 (of Death Cab for Cutie). “I don’t want to guess what it’ll be, but you can just feel it coming.” Damn straight something is coming. As a matter of fact, it’s already here. The field is wide open and people are actually starting to wake-up from their post-Cobain nap to realize that rock and roll can be good, and fun and meaningful and it doesn’t have to make excuses for producing great 3 minute pop songs. Just stop calling it Indie or alternative or God help us “nu-rock.” It is all rock and roll. The pendulum has started to swing the other way. This is not the type of music that you phone in your votes for. This is the kind of music you listen to live. Embrace it, support it, live it. Rock and roll is re-inventing itself. Again.