Intense Nick checks out Psychedelic Shag

psychedelic shag 300Psychedelic Shag (,  are an electrifying new psychedelic/stoner/alternative/stoner rock band, cosmically hailing from Germany gaining much attention and a huge fan base globally, and deservedly so. They are now exploding onto the music scene with a supreme, bold debut album entitled The Sunlight Underground. Entirely self-penned, this important release on Stone Island’s elite ‘Stargaze International’ label is a compelling mind-blowing musical trip from start to finish with vibrant musicianship. The songs possess fire, overflowing with life experience, awareness and insight into the times we are living in right now.

George Adam delivers high impact lyrics through powerful vocals seasoned with rich intonation and emotion. There is rhythm guitar from George and great lead from Michael Meier, and the full-on rhythm section of bass player Tom Mannhart and Germany’s much loved drummer & percussionist Tom Space, plus atmospheric harmony vocals and effects.

The Sunlight Underground comprises gut-punching kick-ass cosmic tunes with delicious dreamy psychedelicly trippy tracks such as ‘Welcome to Fairyland’ for which there is an exquisite video created exclusively for Psychedelic Shag’s new album by outstanding film makers Maximilian Wondrak, Alexander Hector & Florian Plattner. Album cover art work by Marc Durner. The album comes with love, space and peace, and a pointed message: don’t believe the propaganda…

This band is a powerhouse live act, having a wealth of experience and professionalism. They will kick up a storm! Psychedelic Shag are poised ready for festivals and venues and will excite and fully satisfy music lovers everywhere.

The Sunlight Underground kicks off with ‘Processor Overdrive’ which sets the pace in a true psychedelically rocking fashion. The combination of such high quality vocal melodies and driving guitar sound causes this tune to grip you from the start. Leading you straight into ‘Zombi Nation’, this is the tor de force of the album, driving so strongly while blending such strong and striking vocal melodies delivered with ample power. ‘Go Back to the Bang’ slows the tempo down somewhat and utilises some very pleasingly trippy guitar picks. Yet again it is another tune covering many astute social observations. ‘The Orange Season’ lifts right up once more after a gentle guitar and effects lead in Tom Space and the percussion kicks in along with the whole ensemble. This tune is a wholly uplifting and enchanting experience. As in all of the tunes on this disc, it exudes in sheer musicianship and is a fine example of their many skills. ‘Welcome To Fairyland’ paces the selection of songs as it flows gently in an exhilarating but relaxing way. Being at the midpoint of the album it gives the perfect opportunity to refill your bong in preparation for ‘The Good and the Bad Aliens’ which raises the pitch right up again. Don’t be deceived by the spacey synth intro which leads into the catchy combination of Georges excellent vocals, Toms frantically sensitive drum rythyms and the harmonic cacophony of George and Michael’s guitars being backed by the other Tom’s exuberantly flowing bass lines. ‘The Sunlight Underground’ is a perfect ‘come down’ tune, gently rocking along in a relaxing fashion while also uplifting in Psychedelics Shags trademark kind of way. ‘Cosmic Fallout’ runs as a perfect follow on to the previous title track. It has a true spacey feel to it while George keeps just a slight hint of angst to the vocals without bursting the atmospheric bubble. ‘Anunaki Powerstrike’ comes in with some Manzarek-ish keyboard licks returning and highlighting in the background. Michael’s guitar seems to go up a notch with his six string licks especially towards the end of the song in the final crescendo. ‘Omnahmashivaya’ closes. It begins with a truly classic bit of space rock synth with gentle tribal like percussion blending into the backdrop, then it blends into a slightly eastern orientated sound. Gradually backing vocals chant into play adding a shamanic feel to the track. This flows and continues onwards. This song is a truly musical ‘out of body experience’ tune and sets a standard of its very own.

I would rate this debut album as being equal to anything else in its genre including Masters of the Universe by the all time greats, Hawkwind. If you have any inclination at all towards Psychedelic or Space rock, believe me, you need this badly and should add it to your wish list immediately.