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Intense Nick Presents i AM BODHi

BODHi Cage 300i AM BODHi comprise of Stos Goneos on guitar and lead vocals, while his younger brother Dimitri plays the drums and provides the backing vocals. Lucas James is the bassist. They have been playing as i AM BODHi since December 2008 although they had been together under a different name for a while before that. They are all self taught with a wide range of influences, Stos and Dimitri were brought up in Central Africa (schooled in South Africa) Lucas was born and bred in Wiltshire, they met when Stos and Dimitri returned to the UK to finish their schooling and settle. Stos and Lucas formed a band first before being joined by Dimitri two drummers later. They have played well over 50 gigs mostly in the Southwest but some further afield eg: Manchester and Leicester. They have had a healthy amount of radio airplay – including GWR FM Uploaded, BBC Bristol Introducing and BBC WIltshire Introducing, as well as a couple of live interviews on Swindon 105.5 fm and several other community radio stations (even up in Scotland). Late last year they were offered the opportunity to do a recording at The Animal Farm in London where the three tracks currently on their My Space page were produced. They are great tunes, ‘Ebon Flow’. ‘Miles and Motion’ and ‘The Link’

‘Eban Flo’ has a very upbeat lively indie Rock rhythm which has a very anthemic infectious lively style about it that gets heads nodding and feet tapping in no time at all, it’s a great song that cannot fail to go far given the right opportunity. It would go down an absolute storm at the summer music festivals, perfectly atmospheric. The BODHi sound has been influenced by the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Deftones, Incubus, System of a Down, Nirvana, The Police and plenty more to give you an inkling towards their creative personalized sound and style.

‘Miles and Motion’ has the same unmistakable exclusive BODHi trademark style of strong driving rhythms, imaginative hooks, chords and riffs with enthusiastic self styled vocals with a compelling delivery. It is not quite up to then standard of ‘Ebon Flow’ but this is an unfair comparison. In all honesty it has all of the same qualities as its predecessor, but I my opinion has slightly less impact.

‘The Link’ is the third tune recorded at The Animal Farm studio in London, this triplet of tunes that compliment each other so well, each supplying a little difference the other and all with that same BODHi unmistakable feel. This tune is far more harmonic being carried with chords strumming along with a wonderfully joyous feel.

Sadly, as yet I not seen I AM BODHi perform on Stage, but I am told that they perform with a great deal of energy and plenty of interaction, they always wear a trademark band of red tape around the right arm – a trend which has been picked up by their fans. They rehearse regularly and work hard producing new songs all the time. Watch out for the BODHi army of followers, they will stand out at the festivals or wherever they may play that’s for sure.

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And enjoy this free download of Eban Flo courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report!

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