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Introducing Mike The Rebel Reviewer to The Rock and Roll Report

I am pretty psyched to introduce Mike from Rebel Reviewer.Com as a regular contributor to The Rock and Roll Report. Mike is a photographer and writer, well kind of a writer but one hell of a photographer….a screw it, I’ll let Mike introduce himself straight from his own cool site!

Hi. I’m an aging fuckin photographer. I’m definitely NOT a writer. I can type real fuckin fast but I don’t give a shit about dictionaries or grammar as you can probably tell. If you can’t tell, then you are an illiterate bastard and you’ll probably fit right in around here.

I shoot whatever band I can get my sorry ass in front of as long as I like the shit and WANT to be there. I don’t just go out and shoot any half assed band of losers in some stinky cockroach infested bar unless I think the world SHOULD know about them. Not that my site is viewed by THAT many people but I’m only doing my very small part to let you all know about (insert band’s name here) and how great/horrible they are. Hey… after all… it’s my fuckin site. If you want to try and get your opinion out there for people to ignore then go buy your own server space! I don’t fuck around. I check out shows and I just let ya know what I thought of it. I try to get myself in front of the band at some point just to see what they’re like with their “fans”. Sometimes, a band can be the greatest bunch of musicians in the world and I’ll tell ya they SUCK because they spit on their fans. Or I’ll tell ya the worst musicians were fucking AMAZING because they were really good people, know how to treat their fans and put on a good show. That’s what rock n roll is all about to me… the whole package deal. I’d rather go out and see GWAR blow up some venue and spew 90 gallons of fake blood all over the audience than watch some tree hugger with an acoustic guitar, sitting on a rocking chair, crying about the state of the fuckin planet. Fuck him. I want a dude or a bunch of dudes who are out of their minds. Someone who’s got an ANSWER to the fuckin problem rather than a list of unsolvable problems. Or just something so off the wall and insane that it takes you away from all your problems for a few minutes at least. Isn’t THAT what rock n roll is all about? Have some fun? Get some booze into yer gullet? Get laid? Do a fuckin back flip into the mosh pit?

So just hang up yer brain, get yer favorite drink, twist up a fatty, kick back and enjoy. I don’t give a shit if you read this crap or not. I just hope for one thing out of my site: Find your favourite band somewhere on one of these pages and just dig the pictures. If I can do that for ANYONE, then I’ve succeeded and I’m one happy fucker.

Rebel Reviewer Dot Com