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Introducing Music@Murmurs

I am a big fan of R.E.M. (yes still!) and I have been checking out one of the best R.E.M. fan sites called Murmurs since 1999 there abouts. The thing about the readers of Murmurs though is that they have great taste in music. Their annual readers poll (which I featured for 2003 but not 2004 for some reason) is always a list of enlightened listening. Well the site has decided to take things a step further and they have created Music@Murmurs which will cover everything other than R.E.M. and already looks to be a great blog as they are featuring, amongst other things news of the big Jet/Oasis gig at Madison Square Garden this summer (and Oasis have announced further dates with Jet in Detroit, Philly and Chicago). It looks like it will be a great place for music news and views with a decidedly indie bent. Check it out for yourself.