Introducing New Rock and Roll Report Contributor Matheson Kamin

I am excited to introduce a new contributor here at the Rock and Roll Report by the name of Matheson Kamin. I’ll let Matheson introduce himself:

matheson-kamin.jpgWith how bad commercial radio can be, I have always paid attention to the underground music scene. When my classmates where listening to Top 40 music, I listened to college radio; the music was better and the artists had more creativity.

I have also followed the local scene here in Cleveland, Ohio. Some of the bands here have been as good or better than the stuff on commercial radio, but they have never received the notoriety they deserve.
During the last decade, I represented a local internet-based record company and an internet-based music publication. After both ventures happened to fail for their owners, I joined Cleveland-based Exciting City in 2004. I have spent more than 2 years with the hard copy publication promoting both the music and art scenes here in Cleveland.

I recently joined up with The Rock-and-Roll Report because there are a lot of local and independent bands that don’t get their share of notoriety. I want to change that.

Matheson Kamin