Rock History

Introducing The Beatles

I hope all you New Yorkers reading this this morning will be out this afternoon to greet the Beatles when they land at John F. Kennedy Airport (sounds weird doesn’t it? I am so used to calling it Idlewild Airport) at around 1:00 PM. I have been told by my sources that they are on Pan Am flight PA 101. Why should you be there? Well unless you live under a rock you must know by now that this Liverpool based pop group The Beatles has taken England by storm and we here in North America are next! If you can’t get to the airport, or you are unlucky enough not to live in or near New York city, you’ll get your chance to see (and hear) what all the fuss is about this Sunday night, that’s right February 9th, 1964 when The Beatles will be performing on Ed Sullivan. And my sources tell me that they will be staying at the Plaza while in New York City so go and check them out if you dare! And those of you lucky to have tickets to their shows in Washington and at Carnegie Hall on the 11th and 12th are in for a real treat, as The Beatles are even more exciting live than on their records! I have also been told that they will be performing again on Ed Sullivan on the 16th so you have 2 chances to check out what could very well be one of the best beat groups of 1964! And if you haven’t picked up their latest record “I Want to Hold Your Hand” shame on you. Get it if you can find it. Already there are rumors of a major North American tour sometime this summer and as soon as I have some details I’ll post them. Until then, have a great week and don’t forget to tune in Ed Sullivan on CBS for an experience you will never forget!