Introducing Trevor James and The Perfect Gentlemen

Trevor James and The Perfect Gentlemen is made up of three good friends – Trevor, Tyson and Shawn. Together, they are currently playing a residency every Wednesday night at the Garrison in Toronto, offering the public a glimpse of their upcoming EP, Happy to Be Here, which will be launched in early October, also in Toronto.

The three tracks off the EP have all been written with honest lyrics that make you think of real events.  Each song has a melody that will stick in your head for much longer than the length of the track. Grouped together, the three songs, which were recorded in a wood cabin, give an honest and energetic sound to the EP.

With the fall upon us, I  highly suggest checking out Trevor James and the Perfect Gentlemen at the Garrison as their natural and warm sound sure has what it takes to keep you warm during the upcoming months.

I had the chance to sit down with the band for an interview during which they made me feel at ease and offered me an honest insight into their world…

Q) On your first EP, Community, there’s a track with a French title, “Au Secours,” have you ever spent time in Montreal?
A) Yes, in fact, we recorded Community in Studio Plateau in Montreal.

Q) Where do you find your inspiration for writing your lyrics?
A) Real life events, observing people around us, the madness of the city and the cultural aspects of our society.

Q) Who are your inspirations?
A) Leonard Cohen, A.A. Bondy, The Junction.

Q) What was your goal when recording your new EP, Happy to Be Here?
A) We wanted to go back to our roots and record tracks in an acoustic setting which would give an honest sound to the album.

Q) Where did you record your new EP?
A) In the north of Goderich at The Beach Road Studios.  It was an amazing experience, we stayed in a wood cabin and the whole experience was a nice escape which allowed us to get back to our roots.

Q) What is your goal with the residency at The Garrison?
A) We are looking forward to playing to a crowd that is diverse, to introduce our music to locals.

Q) What is the one word that best describes your music?
A)  Honest.

For all the latest info and for updates on Trevor James and The Perfect Gentlemen’s EP launch, head over here