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Women Who Rock! Introducing Triple R Girl and Bassist Extraordinaire Crystal Fawn

(A Note from Editor-Publisher Mark Boudreau) This month’s Triple R Girl is the ultra-talented Crystal Fawn. If you always wondered who was behind the sexy voice introducing each episode of the Rock and Roll Report Podcast you need wonder no longer. Not only is a Crystal a talented bassist and model but she is a genuine joy to work with and professional to the core.

Crystal Fawn is a Miami based electric bassist, who enjoys performing multiple genres & styles. She plays bass for Featured On Fridays (FOF), a shred-metal, progressive group whose songs are a tour de force of wildly searing instrumentals, combining shred, jazz, country chicken pickin’ and even epic movie soundtrack-style melodies.

Crystal has studied with jazz greats Jeff Berlin and Ira Sullivan, and is currently under the tutelage of jazz/rock bassist Brad Russell from NYC. She has performed at music festivals with her band, and has performed with Ira Sullivan on stage for a July 4th celebration concert with an audience of 10,000 in Miami, Florida. In addition to gigging, Crystal hosts clinics with FOF at The Paul Green School Of Rock in Miami.

Crystal is also an accomplished international fitness athlete, having competed in over 13 shows, and has appeared on ESPN2, as well as numerous fitness magazines and websites. She trains 5-6 days per week in the gym, and prepares all her own meals and snacks from scratch. She is currently working on a DVD for musicians to maintain a realistic and attainable healthy lifestyle while touring & gigging.

You can also find her image in various ads, as she specializes in modeling & convention/trade show appearances in the health & fitness sector, as well as the music industry. She will be appearing as a regular columnist & interviewer for celebrity and up-and-coming bassists for Bass Frontiers Magazine. Her endorsements include: The Square Drum Company, Dream Tan and Mass Nutrition. She appeared at Winter Namm 2008 in L.A., as an endorser for The Square Drum Company. Crystal is also the “voice” of The Rock and Roll Report Podcast and radio show commercials & I.D. spots. She also performs bass tracks for various artists’ CD’s and projects, and enjoys shredding at guitar festivals.

Visit Crystal at:

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progressive musics answer to the rap and rock genres! We need more crystal fawns! Guys pretty much only do what the hotties will notice!

Super hotties!!!!… the love to the progressive artists!….If the love goes to leg draggers who’s only talent is to talk shit quickly over 4/4 that’s all we’re gonna get!

hey vrystal, this is cwbyfrmhell from i wanted to send my congrats to you….. you rock girl…. keep doing what it is you do…. shannon

great artical on crystal….not only is she a great bass player, but a great friend too 🙂
she is a professional in everything she does!!! she only endorses top of the line products like “The Square Drum Co.” she is a sweetheart ….luvya crystal……keep
on rocking 🙂

Uhhhh, David (I sense your a troll ,however)
Have you heard her music on the Featured on Fridays site!?
If that’s not great playing than you must need a hearing aid or you must think your this months chosen bass critic?
OOoops! I’m sorry your Stanley Clarkes bass teacher !! My aplogy,

Hey David! If you’re going to say somebody can’t play something, you might want to actually listen to the music first. To say that Crystal can play the bass is a bit of an understatement. That woman plays the shit out of the bass and then some!

Crystal is a Triple R Girl because she is a professional, intelligent and extremely talented musician who happens to look great in a bikini. Shoot me an MP3 of your bass playing skills and I would be glad to post it on the site for all to decide on whether you should be passing judgment on anybody.

Thanks for reading!


Hey Crystal, congrats!

You’re always kickin’ ass one way or another!!!
I wonder what kind of music Dave listens to, lol. Don’t let it get you down. You are an outstanding pro player and truly an inspiration!

Luv ya,


piss off david! ….Crystal is way more then just pretty….she holds down the back line for the mighty brev sullivan as well as anybody could. Shes also an extreamly nice person, and 100 bucks says could choke your ass out in 30 seconds if she wanted to. Oh i get it…she reminds you of that girl in highschool that only paid attention to you that one time when you got de-shorted by her boyfriend in jim class….and everybody laughed and pointed at your toddler cock…..that’s not her dude….so get over it already.

Hey David,
If we need any more of your opinions,
we will make sure to fish them out of the fuckin toilet you fucking mook.

Crystal, you are beautiful inside & out.
You are an inspiration to both male & female artists alike. Thank you for being a MySpace friend as well hon.

David’s hopes for fame were squashed when he recently got kicked off the new FOX Network show “So You Wanna Be The Next Don Imus” in the first round of cuts.
Sadly, he wasn’t up to par with even the proverbial mental midget that he assumed he was.

All the best to you Crystal,
Mark Marshall

hey (admin mark)…maybe you could do an article on David and how great he plays the “skin flute” lmaooooooooooooooo crystal……luvya 🙂



Hey Mark, thanks so much for the awesome article on your prestigious page!!!! This page kicks ass!
And thank you everyone for telling David what’s up 😉 LOL
My friends RULE!!!! I’m a lucky girl to have such good friends xoxoxo

Crystal Fawn is a kick ass bass player check tha facts 4 yourself all u slappers and funkers.. lol this bass playing bueaty is all that on and off the stage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. all u haters go home .. ha ha
TiMMy (o:

Yay!…The Fractured Dimension is Finished…….FINALLY!…pardon my spam Crystal…I was looking for a clean seguae to the dignafication of davids doushbag of the year comment, it was stupid on so many levels it was like a lagsana of pure ignorance, we could go on and on forever really….but i’m wondering who your pic on that list of monster bass masters was your fav…i’m guessing jeff berlin…….am i right? 😉

Hey MIke!! I’m glad The Fractured Dimension CD is finished. Mark, you have to hear this unsigned band….total freakazoid, crazy, avant-garde instrumental shredding solos!! If you thought my band was crazy (, check out this band, Mark:

Their YouTube video of their compilation is:

Brev, my guitarist did some solo work on it. I don’t think that it quite fits the Rock and Roll Report, but it is certainly some brain – frying material ….LOL

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